Media Bias continues!

Joan Burton will begin her second day in the witness box today. She will continue to be questioned by barristers for the defence.

Hopefully, this means that the media will actually cover the arguments of the defence barristers.

Yesterday, Joan Burton gave her testimony for an hour and was crossed examined for 3 hours by the defence. Yet, all the media coverage focused on her testimony.

There was very little coverage of the 3 hours of defence questioning. The Irish Times, supposedly the paper of record devoted a whole 6 lines from their coverage to the defence.

Not to be outdone, Denis O Brien’s Indo didn’t report on the defence questioning, instead just making a passing reference to the fact that they questioned her.

For 2 years in the lead up to this trial the media imposed a black-out of the #jobstownnotguilty campaign saying that they couldn’t report on it because it was ‘before the courts’.

Any ordinary person would think that since it is now before the courts they would report it, but it seems that they are just intent on ignoring the campaign and will continue will continue with their one-sided coverage!
via PressSync