Shocking testimony in Jobstown trial

There were audible gasps from the packed courtroom on day 5 of the #jobstownnotguilty trial during the cross-examination of Joan Burton.

Burton was being questioned for a second day by the barristers for the defendants.

The line of questioning was focused on the impact of the austerity policies which were implemented by the Fine Gael/Labour government, and how there was widespread anger against the sell-out of the Labour Party on most of it pre-election promises.

The defence put it to Button that her party had been ‘wiped out’ & ‘destroyed’ because they had betrayed people. She replied by defending their record and her own record personally, but accepted only that there a ‘perception’ that they had broken promises.

The defence pointed out that this anger was reflected in the 2016 general results when the Labour Party dropped to 7 seats.

Burton put this down to ‘populist politicians’ from the ultra left who wanted to ‘destroy’ the Labour Party & social democracy.

There was a gasp in the courtroom as she then proceeded to tell the court “I’m one of the people who succeed James Connolly as leader of the Labour Party……and I carry on his ideas”. Then accused political opponents on the Left of wanting to destroy Connolly’s party.
via PressSync